Memory with uric acid patient

Memory with uric acid patient

“The healthier you eat the better you live.” Say dietitian Sheela Seherawat. “No matter how much logic you give to others but you know well how healthy you eat. If you are not eating correctly then sooner or later your doctor, test report and finally your dietitian will tell you to correct your eating habits else the consequences will be bad. 

“But today’s life is full of opportunities so no one wants to stay at home and live carefully. Fast food, pizza, burger, beer, wine, scotch all these are enough to make one glutton and at the end your body suffers. You first show disrespect to your body and then body shows you diseases. 
“It is very hard to control the habit of eating junk and sipping beer. I still remember one of my clients aged 50 or so who was in habit of eating non vegetarian food on regular basis and drank 5-6 bottles of beer each day. His logic was – why do I earn? I earn to eat well and live well. His family was happy. He was earning well but his job responsibilities made him travel and he was eating mostly in restaurants and on returning he had beers as his best friend. He was tall, 5’’ 9’ and around 108 kg, with big belly.  

“He first denied that he drinks beer a lot. Then he put an interesting logic. I still remember that. He said that there is no logic in that one should not drink beer. When a patient has higher uric acid then you ask him to drink more water so one can piss every now and then. Can anyone drink 2 liters of water in a go? No, but if you let one drink beer of course one can. No one drinks beer at room temperature. Beer needs to be chilled, turn on the air-conditioned and sit relaxed and sip one by one and one can empty several bottles of beer and in each five minutes one will be going to the toilet, that means kidney is working properly and uric acid can get flushed out soon. 

People always go with logic not matter how simple it may sound but such logic can’t help you so the answer was – no, you can’t sip beer anymore; logic is beer is a durative. 

Studies have showed:
•    Men who drank the most alcohol daily had twice the risk of developing the disorder as men who did not drink. 
•    Beer drinkers increased their risk by 50% for every daily serving, 
•    Those who drank hard liquor increased their risk by 15% for each drink. 

“Drinking neither a good habit nor body needs but it starts with happy faces of family and friends but drinking always brings everyone to the hospital so it is never good. But when one is alone, feeling low and needs some kind of excitement beer or alcoholic drink gives company and soon it becomes habit. It spoils your habits very gradually.” 

Indeed beer makes you piss a lot but it slows the process of uric acid coming out of body. 

As we know, “A patient who has increased amount of uric acid in urine has high chance of getting stone.” And there are a few ways to get the stone of the body. If cut is needed then for sure nobody will like. But beer and purine diet are the ways that lead only there. Become careful and avoid things which can damage your body. Pay attention to your body weight to be healthy.

Excess of uric acid leads to pain. He told me that one night he woke up suddenly and he found that his toe had a lot of pain. He was sure that he was not hit by anything but now it was red, swollen as if it was on fire. In fact, his whole body was burning badly. He had high fever. His blood pressure was also high.  

He was taken to hospital and after a few tests, they found out that his uric acid was high. Doctor helped him for a month. His company paid the bill but he and his family were to bear everything. His medical reports were carrying every detail. He was taking some medicine of his own like Aspirin, without consulting any doctor. Aspirin is one of the drugs that increase uric acid. He had a family history of high uric acid. His father had faced this disease. 

He had to be careful but he was fond of red meat. His logic was – do you go to a restaurant to eat veg and grass? Definitely not, so eating red meat and sipping alcohol is the best part of eating. 

These foods not matter how good they taste are definitely not healthy. One must know a few things regarding uric acid and gout, such as:
•    Adult males and postmenopausal females are at the risk of high uric acid and gout.
•    Gout commonly strikes between the ages of 30 – 50 usually in men. 
•    It is important to control your weight as per your height.
•    Vegetarian foods like mushroom, beans, asparagus etc. are high purine foods. 
•    In male, Plasma uric acid levels begin to increase with puberty. 

I know people believe beer is healthy as it contains less alcohol but alcohol is not all that cause problem. Beer industry never discloses their ingredients and recipes as it is not obligatory for them. So, we need to be careful how one makes beer. There are many companies which make beer with GMO foods. These Genetically Modified foods are in debate as to how far they harm the body. Researches around the world are going on but it is considered that GMO has side effects and it is injurious for human. There are many countries which have banned the manufacturing of GM foods. 

People don’t have so much awareness about these new and technical things but these are endangering their life and increasing the chances of getting disease. It is very important to be safe.     

rtant to reduce weight and drink a lot of water.”

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