Pregnancy is a very natural and normal Process


“After giving birth it is natural that mother wants to put off her weight as soon as possible. But it is better to wait for at least three months.” Says dietitian Sheela Seherawat. “Your baby is totally dependent on your milk that provides her life saving food, nutrition and resistance to fight against disease. 

Nine months pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters. Each trimester means three months. Within these trimesters baby is making remarkable changes in the body and in each trimester baby fully depends on the mother’s diet so mother has to eat well. 

If the mother is having a normal weight that means that she doesn’t require extra calories intake. Her regular intake is sufficient for her and her baby but in the case she is underweight then she has to take good care and increase the calories intake.   

At the second trimester mother needs more calories intake as baby has gained a good amount of shape in the womb and now needs to develop fast so mother also needs to increase her intake. Normally she needs to increase her intake by 340 extra calories per day. This is the most appropriate level of calories a mother needs to increase in her second trimester.

And as she moves into her third trimesters she again needs to increase her calories intake. This time she is required to take 450 extra calories intake on daily basis. “However if you are expecting twins then you need to eat more.” Says dietitian Sheela Seherawat.

It is advisable to note your calories intake on paper with a pen as you know well that your calories are directly helping the baby to gain its shape. Help your baby to gain a healthy body but don’t double your diet or eat too much as it can complicate your case.    

A Study found that 50% of women who ate and gained more than the recommended weight got the gestational diabetes, so be alert. 

Now you know how a mother gains weight during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby if she wants to get back into her shape then she has to wait for a period of time between three months and a year.  Again the process of weight loss will be slow. Normally she can go for a post pregnancy weight loss diet plan which generally makes a mother to lose weight - nearly 3-4 kg a month.  

There is also good news for the mother who is conscious about her weight loss that studies have found that most women lose half of their baby weight in the next 6 weeks after child birth. And the remaining weight goes away gradually over a period of time, depending on your diet plan and goal. 

Breast feeding is a very natural way for weight loss as it burns a lot of your calories. Normally woman’s breasts start to grow during the first trimester of pregnancy due to her milk glands in the breasts. A mother is asked to feed her baby nearly 8 to 15 times within 24 hours as it really helps both the mother and the baby. 

If you are breastfeeding then it is not advisable to go for weight loss as it can affect the production of milk. Go for any weight loss plan at least 2 months after the birth. Here, at diet clinic we recommend to start after 3 months. Show a little patience and gradually you will be back in your normal shape. 

“Most mothers think that skipping breakfast or eating inappropriately can help them in losing weight but it badly affects their health.” Says dietitian Sheela Seherawat. One of the best ways to eat less is to eat slowly. It helps you to know when you are full and it stops you from over eating. 

Drinking a right amount of water is very important as you should drink at least 8 -9 glasses of water every day. It maintains hydration and it also helps in flushing out toxins and fat from the body. It is important to limit drinks like soda, packed juices and other juices or fluids that contain a lot of sugar and calories as these things slower the process of weight loss.  

“Your dietitian knows your diet, your taste, preferences and your calories intake which is a must for your body. Dietitian will adjust your diet and give you a plan and cut around 500 calories per day from your diet. Trust me you will not even notice that your intake is now less than what you were eating.”  Says dietitian Sheela Seherawat.

Pregnancy is very natural and normal process and mother certainly undergoes a great change in her body structure. The problem is the acceptance. They are now worried, as they have to spend a lot of time looking after the infant baby, about their body shape – mostly tummy and hip areas. That sadly results in stress, sleeplessness and a strong desire to get back into their pre-pregnancy body.   

Hurry can be dangerous. A mother must understand that weight has increased all over her body and not just at one place. She is carrying a weight of the placenta, amniotic fluids, the enlarged uterus and breasts and extra blood, plus around 7 pounds of extra fat storage. Each of these is very important for the healthy development of the baby and good health of the mother. As the mother gives the birth to her baby she automatically losses the weight of the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluids. Soon after that the extra blood and fluids needed to sustain the pregnancy are gradually reabsorbed or excreted from the mother's body. The uterus returns to its size within six weeks. The fat stored during pregnancy, however, does not automatically disappear.

“There are many women who are very unrealistic about their figure. Yes, there are some women for whom it might be hard to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight or shape. Their pregnancy gives long lasting changes in their body. They may remain a little heavier but none should spoil the happiness of having a baby for this. It is much bigger reward than your pre-pregnancy weight or shape.” Says Sheela Seherawat.

Such women often take wrong decision in choosing weight loss diet plan and end up in any crash diet or fat diet plan. It gives results but affects their health and they again gain that lost weight as they start taking the normal diet. And another bad thing is that they may be losing their muscles instead of the fat. Choosing a right diet plan is not tough but you have to know your body and have to accept the natural process.    

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