Unbelievable Facts About Sugar

Unbelievable Facts About Sugar
Unbelievable Facts About Sugar

Fitty Liver :  Sugar is divided into glucose and fructose. Glucose is a good thing and we can find it in every  living cell on the planet whereas fructose is not as much needed by our body. It is digested by the liver in a very small amount but if the amount increases then as you know the fructose turns into glycogen and is strong in the liver. Excess amount of fructose can overload the liver and further turns into fats . If you continue to take increased amounts of fructose then it can lead to fatty liver and all sorts of serious problems . To avoid such situation , it is important to have active life. There is no risk if fructose is coming from your fruits.

No nutrients only energy :

Sugar has no proteins, essential  fats, Vitamins or minerals etc. It is so you know that sugars like sucrose and high fructose cornsyrup have calories but no nutrients . It is pure energy . If the intake of sugar increases in your diet then it can lead to major health problems and to nutrient deficiencies.

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