Your body needs your attention at its utmost

Your body needs your attention at its utmost
Keeping it real

I really love enjoying my diet . I never felt that I am on dieting . Even the diet prescribed to me was very healthy and I am a person who loves and special diet for my outing was there which I never feels that it can be a problem to me to stick to my eating regime . I never miss my morning walk . for staying fit and smart , love to do these things and balance my activities according to it.

My Diet Plan

My diet includes the things which are not only healthy rather enjoy my diet as it includes all the things which I love to eat from green veggies to milk and oats . Even for my Exercise part I never miss my 30 minutes walk which also helps my body to stay fit .

Your body needs your attention at its utmost

Trusting you is really what you can do is what one requires to shed weight and look smart and elegant .

All you  need is to control and focus on your diet with enjoying the food. Thinking that diet is tough to manage , is wrong , rather one enjoys that diet to stay fit and fine is what Shilpa Gupta (32) thinks . Shilpa is a housewife and is very careful towards her diet and really loves to enjoy it. She does not feels as any kind of restriction on eating .

Husband – Amit Gupta

Earlier , Shilpa was not much cared about her diet she was a foodie but she afterwards become diet conscious in order to improve her health regime .


Father In Law Rajesh Kumar Gupta

Shilpa has reduced 20 killos in 4 months all be – cause of her haed work and control over her eating habits .

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