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Pradeep kothari

I heard about loss program from friend. Before Joining 
Diet Clinic I had tried so many times to lose fats, but given up after repeated
 failures. Then I joined After studying my lifestyle, 
Dietician Sheela Seharawat advised me small life style changes, mainly
in my eating style.  I was given a customized Diet schedule, in which 
I had sufficient amount of food to eat, with all my likings. In first month
 itself losses4 Kg. I was amazed by Dietician Sheela’s new researched weight
 loss program and today I tell all my friends to subscribe to www.dietclinic.
in weight loss program. I don't eat less nor I go hungry and still I have lost 
30 Kg and maintaining my ideal weight since last 3 years. Best of Luck;
Pradeep kothari  has been under Sheela's guidance for 12 months now and has lost 19Kg.

Pradeep Kothari has been under Sheela's guidance for 8 months now and has lost 22 Kg


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