Welcome to the world of Diet Clinic! We would like to give you some information about the whole process:
On your first visit or call to our Diet Clinic you will be introduced to one of our best dieticians working on board of our clinic.    
You will be asked to fill in registration form, which contains list of all the important questions such as your food habits, lifestyle, medical history, blood group, your height and weight.
0-3 day: Our dietician will suggest 3-day diet plan after analyzing all of your information.
The fourth day: We measure your weight and how you feel after the 3-day diet. That will help us understand whether the diet plan is working for your body. Any queries / clarifications are openly welcomed and discussed. Your dietician will answer and recommend you a diet plan for the next 3 -4 days.
This process continues every week. Ideally you should be able to lose approximately 0.5 – 1.0 kg per week, without any starvation or medicines. The constant motivation from our dieticians and gradual weight loss keeps your spirits high and your weight loss goals easily achievable. We recommend brisk walk along with our diet plan to keep the metabolism active which slows down with lack of physical activity.
With Diet Clinic, you can lose 4- 5 kg in one month.
The period between your visits is slowly increased, depending on your goal.
We help you to adjust with new lifestyle and gradually your smile writes all about our success.
Our success story: 75% – 80% of our new clients are referrals.
We give you 100% achievable results.
Regain a healthy weight with DIET CLINIC.
Our Best support is available to you throughout your treatment. Call us 24x7, sms us at: DIET to 56161, or call us at , .