Diet Clinic is made up of our experience with diet planning and your experience with us. Our story is part and parcel of your story. We work together. We analyze your body, its requirements and it limitations. From there we work together.
It will be nice to help to understand this relation more clearly:

•    Personal Assistance: You are under the guidance of our experienced and qualified dietician all the time, which helps you to build a close relationship with the dietician who understands you and your body responses to different diets very well. Her constant motivation and support encourages you to progress gradually and achieve your targets easily.

•    Transparency in dealing: You are the master of your own self. We can support you to adjust with the new food habit but the ultimate responsivity lies in your hand. Our sincere effort makes changes. You start to see changes in yourself and that encourages both of us. Your satisfaction is our reward.

•    Maintain confidentiality: The idea of overweight is still like a taboo in our society so we promise you that our effort to bring change in your body will remain sealed under our lips. It is like a private and confidential matter even after you complete your program with us.

•    Our Philosophy and support: Dietician Sheela Seherawat is the mentor of Diet Clinic that keeps a simple philosophy of helping people to lose weight without much change in their lifestyle. We have a team of professional dieticians all over India who take into consideration lot of parameters like your food habits, medical history, be it high cholesterol or diabetes or any other health concern. After knowing all the details, we plan your diet plans. So we specialize in providing not only Weight Loss diets but also Therapeutic Diet plans too.

•    Flexibility in eating: We understand your taste buds and our diet plan so we give you some healthy options. We allow all types of foods to be included in your diet, but the when and how much is suggested by our dietician so that you can enjoy the food of your choice as well as lose weight during our programs.

•    Our experiences: We have substantially over 11 years of rich experience in helping people. We keep our diet plans easy to follow. Over the past years we have provided diet consultations to gyms, corporate and fitness centers. We have helped thousands of people to lose weight comfortably and safely.

Diet Clinic Highlights:
•    Personal attention.
•    Individual support.
•    Your target is our target.
•    We understand your body.
•    We consider your preferences.
•    We prepared your diet plan especially for you.
•    Your privacy is completely confidential.
•    Our online and telephonic support is available all the time.
•    Diet plans are result-oriented and 100% safe.
•    80% of our clients are referral so they know about us.