The idea of attending a private medical diet clinic or taking a weight loss program to help with losing weight may not be familiar to you. To help you decide whether you might benefit from our services, here are some of the questions we are most frequently asked by prospective patients:

1.] Will I always see a dietician ?

Yes, we have a dietician present during all the sessions that the clinic is open, except for very rare occasions due to sickness or holiday. Now days we offer our services on phone and emails too.

2.] How long will my consultation take ?

Your first session will require around half an hour, as you need to complete a detailed registration form and have a thorough discussion with the dietician about your weight loss objectives, your lifestyle and your eating plan. Subsequent sessions will usually be shorter, around ten minutes, unless you have specific points that you would like to discuss in more detail with the dietician. The first session can be taken on phone and on et viva Video confessing.

3.] How long does the programme take ?

This depends very much on how well you are able to keep to your eating plan and how much weight you need to lose, but a typical programme would take between three and nine months.

4.] How much weight can I expect to lose ?

This varies significantly between patients. Our aim is for steady, progressive weight loss that can then be sustained, rather than for crash dieting. The amount of weight you lose depends on many factors. This includes, but is not limited to, how much weight you need to lose, how receptive you are to dieting, your age, and your activity level. The average weight loss is 3-4 Kg (Female) & 4-5 Kg (Male) per month. However, depending on the above factors, many people are able to lose more

5.] Are the medications use in weight loss program ?

No. we naver ask our clients to take any medications. All the Program by the clinics are extremely safe. We are practicing these from six years or more

6.] Can the weight loss program be taken if I have other health issues ?

our other health issues are taken into consideration when your weight loss program is prescribed.

7.] How is the client monitored ?

All our clients are monitored by our Dietician to ensure maximum weight loss and good health. This includes regular clients visits or by calls to clinic. Specific concerns of each client are addressed individually.

8.] Are there any special foods involved with the program ?

There are no special foods. We give you a basic, easy to follow food exchange program. You may pick and choose from the listing.

9.] What happens if I deviate from the prescribed program ?

No one's perfect. You need to realize any deviations from the program may affect your weight loss. However, we are here to show you how you can easily get right back on track.

10.] How expensive is the program ?

Our prices are very reasonable....actually much less expensive than most. While we do not publish prices on the internet, we'll be happy to quote you over the phone. Please contact us at: 9958400071

11.] Who comes to the Diet Clinic ?

Our clients range from people that want to lose just a few pounds to people who have to lose over 40Kg. Many have been on numerous diets and have tried to lose weight on their own or have joined other programs without success. Most turn to us when they realize they need assistance and support to lose the weight they desire.
Remember, other people have the same challenges and we're familiar with those challenges. We can help you through them.
They have succeeded and you can too!
Take a look at our success stories!

12.] Will I be able to maintain my ideal weight ?

Yes. We have an excellent, easy to follow maintenance program which is individually tailored to each client.......and we are here to give you the extra support you may need.

13.] How successful are your programmes ?

While we can make no guarantees of success as much of this is in your hands, the fact that more than 60% of our new patients are recommended to us by former patients suggests that we are doing something right!

As Dietician in Delhi, Gurgaon, chandigarh, We have an excellent, easy to follow maintenance program which is individually tailored to each client, our Dietician to ensure maximum weight loss and good health, through Therapeutic diets, different approach to weight loss