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This contains the latest tip and advice from my weight loss menu, providing useful health & wellness related advice daily .This link carries a success tip daily to help you to live healthy life. These tips for effective weight loss are developed after extensive research conducted on the related topic, these tips are tried and tested Information on how to lose weight and stay fit always . So , If you goal is to lose weight in a healthy way then these weight loss tips will be very useful for you ,which will help you to lose weight and keep it off permanently . We will help you to discover through our tips that how your food each day can affect your health. Our health tips will help you to enlighten your life with the healthy food options from your kitchen table.

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Dietician Sheela Seharawat

As the weather outside turns chilly and people gearing up for the holidays, weight loss is the last thing that you might be thinking of. It is said that diet, depression, and daylight – all go hand in hand. It's easy to gain weight in winters then it is to lose. A few very simple, yet very valuable dietary tips, if followed diligently will not only help in cutting the bulge but also keep you warm and energized.

Tip#1. Stay hydrated at all times
Dehydration or feeling of thi

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Dietician Sheela Seharawat
EAT TO LOSE Foods that help you get slimmer

How can eating something help you lose weight? It might sound stupid. But that what is a reality and the foods listed below are good at doing it. These are no special diet foods, but natural is normal foods. You just need to identify them and know how they work.

Bananas: A health wizard, bananas are not only something that you can get easily and anywhere but are easy on the pocket too. Being an excellent source of dietary fiber. Keeps you full for a long and also very

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Weight Loss Clinic
Dietician Sheela Seharawat

While on vacation, it is quite easy to fall out on your fitness and healthy eating regime. Taking up regular workouts every time and eating all that is healthy seems almost an impossible task. However, you also do not want to return from your vacation with those packs of extra load on your body and lose all the healthy living momentum that you have achieved. Know here how.

1. Never miss a chance to walk: if you get the chance to walk somewhere, do so. Shopping in the

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