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Dietician Sheela Sherawat
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  • Use a smaller plate – It has been shown that if we use a smaller plate, then we eat less quantities of food. A plate that is 20% smaller leads to the same amount of calorie reduction and that, in turn, leads to weight loss.
  • Drink water – Drink water before and during the meal. This promotes fullness, and as a result, you will not want to eat much.
  • Chew slowly – It takes the brain 20 minutes to realize that you have started to eat. The slower you chew, the less food you will ingest during that time. No matter what amount you eat, the feeling of fullness arrives at around 20th minute. Hence chew slowly, eat less, and lose weight.
  • Avoid salt – Water weight makes us look bloated and bulky. Consume minimal quantities of table salt and never consume it raw. Whatever tiny amount you ingest has to be part of cooking. Keep away from salty snacks such as bhujia. If you give up salt now, you will lose 3-5 kilos by the end of the week from excess water stored in your body.
  • Consume a glass of warm water with lemon – Early in the morning drink a glass of warm water with lemon. It speeds up metabolism and helps you to lose weight during the day.
  • Drink green tea – This is another excellent metabolism booster. It contains a chemical known as EGCG that has been shown to have a thermogenic effect on the body.
  • Eat protein – Protein is more satiating and keeps you feeling full longer. Not only that but excess protein can't be converted by the body to fat, unlike carbohydrates. Make sure you have a healthy amount of protein with each meal.