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2 Replace vegetable oil with these special oils

vegetable oil
Dietician Sheela Sherawat
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2 Replace vegetable oil with these special oils
Coconut oil tolerates high temperatures and can be substituted ? Butter had a bad reputation for many years, but has recently been lovingly embraced within the health community.

Ghee is clarified butter, which means that the water and milk solids — mostly proteins — have been boiled off, leaving just the rich, golden, dairy-free butterfat.

Olive oil is a healthy fat and is definitely on the health-approved list. It's a great 1 for 1 substitute for salad dressings, stir fries and sauces, but shouldn't be your first choice for baking.

Avocado oil is buttery in flavor and extremely heart, eye and antioxidant healthy. Avocado oil is best used as a 1 to 1 substitute for savory recipes.
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