Tips Of The Day

It’s the New Year, and also the time for everyone to make resolutions. Saying so, you won’t be surprise to know that weight loss in one of the top most resolution that people make in the New Year.
The New Year is the perfect time to make a fresh start. Many might have made the same resolution last year also, but the objectives were neglected and the resolution was broken even before the decorations of the New Year went off. So, what was it, that didn’t worked for you?
If you really want to stick to your resolution to lose weight this year, follow these simple yet valuable tips that have been carefully crafted by expert dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic for you and come to terms with making it happen.

Set Goals That You Can Reach
Unrealistic goals could be lofty and exciting in the beginning, as you decide to see big results. You not only want to shed all of the extra pounds, but also drop sizes and attain a flat stomach. It’s always easy to get trapped in the excitement, but failing to attain it could be really awful.
It’s advised that you make short term goals. It is absolutely ok to have long term goals, but then you need to break it down into smaller goals, much manageable and easy to achieve. Have a plan to achieve your ultimate weight loss goal. It might be so that, you have plenty to get rid of, but that is not going to happen overnight or in just a few weeks.
Set attainable targets that are easier to achieve and then only will you be able to see results.

Build a momentum with Your Goals

Building a momentum is easy when you set smaller goals and achieve them one by one successfully. Losing together 20 kgs at a time is never possible, hence divide into 5 kgs and achieve them one step after another.
Always set a goal that is not based on a scale. Numbers has nothing to do in weight loss – like how many hours you have been at the gym or how many calories you have consumed less. Reward yourself foe a good step taken, Healthy goal might be like taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day of the week or like stop drinking aerated beverages.

Make Smarter Food Choices

Changing the way you eat is one of the most important decision in a weight loss regime. Whether you need to eat more or less, you will have to change the way you eat, you will have to eat differently. Remember, all food groups is important for overall health and weight loss too.
Cutting down of fats and carbs and eating too much protein can harm in a big way. Balance your meal. Proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates are all important for good health and proper functioning of the body.
What you really need to know that is the golden rule – ‘Eat Your Way to Good Health’.
Involve in Exercises Every Day
No matter the goals that you have set, you must involve in physical activities every day. Exercise of involving in some kind of physical activities is not only good for them who adopt to lose weight, but also for all, as it helps in maintaining overall health and wellness.
Even if you are unable to hit the gym, increase in activity levels is a great way to encourage weight loss. Even a 30 minute walk every day or climbing up the stairs or may be walk down the corner to pick up grocery is a great way to start. Every little effort counts.

Arm up your Water intake
We all know the importance of drinking water, mainly because most of the times our body gets confused assuming a normal thirst as hunger. Set a goal to drink atleast eight to ten glasses of water a day, even if you are not thirsty. Make it exciting by adding few flavor to your water, but make sure that you keep up with it.

Create a list of things to give up with a deadline
For your New Year’s Resolution of weight loss to be a success, fist create a list (at least three) of bad habits that are currently staling your efforts like your love for colas, sweet candies or may be regularly dining out.
Once noted down, create a deadline. Creating a deadline will give you a sense of purpose and create urgency in your mind. Mark these deadlines in a calendar and in addition maintaining transformation challenges will certainly help you meet your deadlines.

Never Give Up
It might be the case, that you do not see any results right away. Do not get disheartened and let your New Year’ weight loss resolution let off. Stick to it and make adjustments wherever needed. It is you and your healthy that matters the most.
It is very important to understand that if have decided and committed towards a lifestyle change and not a quick fix remedy. You need to be confident of your mission and remember choosing to live healthy is the first step towards living a healthy life and lose weight.

New Year Resolutions are not just a jumping place. If you really mean it, than you need sheer determination and altering your habits of the past. It could be a step towards struggle, depression and fear of failure. Consider the above points and for sure you will succeed.