National Sleep Awareness Week

National Sleep Awareness Week

It is a fact that we humans spent 1/3rd of our life sleeping. Sleep is an important function of our body. Much of the healing inside the body takes place when we are sleeping. While we are asleep, our immune system and the detoxification organs do their necessary functions and restore our bodies. it is sleep that gives our body cells the opportunity to repair and extradite wastes from our system.

Missing even a few hours of sleep may have a negative impact on our health. Every missed hour of sleep or what you say lack of sleep accumulates over time and creates sleep debt and can cause a lot of health issues and reduced performance. Acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat at her Diet Clinic says that the benefits of sleep cannot be ignored and out of the many benefits that you can enjoy some are:

  • It boosts the body’s immunity by strengthening the immune system.
  • It makes us look, feel and be better and smarter.
  • It enhances concentration.
  • It makes our brain work better by making it sharper.

In order to get a good sleep it is important that you follow a healthy bedtime routine, get at least seven to eighty hours of healthy and sound sleep and create a conducive atmosphere to get good sleep.  
National Sleep Awareness Week observed in the month of March every year and sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation is a sincere effort to spread the message of getting sleep and its benefits on human health. What necessary steps should be taken in order to improve the quality of sleep? People who do not get good sleep at night suffers from problems of insomnia, sickness, depression, fatigue, mood swings and much more. 


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