How can eating something help you lose weight? It might sound stupid. But that what is a reality and the foods listed below are good at doing it. These are no special diet foods, but natural is normal foods. You just need to identify them and know how they work.

Bananas: A health wizard, bananas are not only something that you can get easily and anywhere but are easy on the pocket too. Being an excellent source of dietary fiber. Keeps you full for a long and also very low in calories.

Beans: Another easy vegetable is also a great source of fibers that apart from keeping you full also helps to lower your cholesterol levels.

Red Hot Peppers: Sound hot right! Yes, capsaicin is a real appetite suppressant. Enjoy the benefits of this healthy veggie every day and get going.

Nuts: Name them – Walnuts, Almonds. Pistachios, Macadamia, and more are all rich resources of Omega 3 fatty acid that helps boost the natural metabolism process of the body and in turn burn more calories. You also stay fuller for longer and thereby stop gorging unnecessarily.

Eggs: Wondering why it is called a ‘Super Food”? it is one of the top listed foods that help lose weight. Rich in protein, eggs helps stay fuller for a long.

Coffee: Yes, you heard that right. Apart from being a great mood enhancer, it helps in burning fats in addition to boosting metabolism.

Greek Yoghurt: Packed with the goodness of proteins, also have probiotic qualities that aid in better digestion. It improves the fat burning process, reduces appetite, and also improves gut health.


Foods are not only yummy that helps you free from hunger, but also help cut down your weight healthily. You need to include these foods in your regular diet, get some physical activities, and balance your life. You are all set to lose weight.