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Dietician Sheela Seharawat
Diet Clinic In Noida

Due to our fast and hard life we tend to ignore our health and ultimately because of our sedentary lifestyle, we come under the category of being obese. To tackle such a situation you have change your diet and lifestyle. Diet clinic Noida is giving exclusive diet plans which are prepared as per the particular specifications of the clients. We take care of eating habits, lifestyle, medical history, blood type, gender and age of the patients, so that a well personalized diet plan should be prepared for the client. We have a legacy of past 15 years of rich experience in counseling and treating obesity patients and presently we have a sound base of running clientage.

Diet plan is a scientific and natural method to lose weight and we avoid any types of pills, equipments or chemical supplements for weight, however if you are already using any of such method then you should disclose the fact to our dieticians, they will plan the diet accordingly. No strenuous exercise and starvation is required for weight loss and only a half an hour swift walk is enough for the best results of our diet plan. For getting a personal consultation you may call our toll free national helpline or visit our Noida diet clinic facility.