Being faced with Constipation problem is the everyday story these days. Reasons for this problem are more likely the inefficient diet or lack of fibre in your food. Recurring constipation can be a big obstruction in your normal life for which a healthy treatment or a simple home remedy is introducing Munaqqa in your diet. Munaqqa can be advantageous in the following ways:

Highly Alkaline in Nature
Black raisins, best known by its pet name ‘Munaqqa’ in India, is full of rich alkaline. It helps in maintaining the balance of acids and bases in your body, thus reducing acidity naturally.

Reduce Constipation
Constipation is much likely when suffering from persistent acidity problem in the stomach. Thus, the increment in the medical conditions in your body is the result of constipation. But what if Munaqqa can heal your problem and give you the normal life back again? Yes, these black raisins play a double role in relieving the acidity and reducing constipation.

They Help in Digestion
If you add 4-5 black raisins in your routine diet, then it may lead to the well-being of your stomach. A rich fibrous food which is easy at swelling in water can provide your stomach with the laxative effect and constipation.

Regular Bowel Movement
If you consume black raisins in your daily routine, it will keep your bowel moment regular. In addition to the that, the fibre removes the unwanted toxins and wastes from your body.

Help You Maintain Acid-Alkali Balance
If you are suffering from acute constipation, then taking 15 to 20 Munaqqa per day can be beneficial for you. But in case you want to balance acid-base delicately, then 4-5 water-soaked black raisins are enough for the well-being of your body.
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