Only the Best Dietitian in India will tell you that cough syrups are not a medicine that will heal you. If your current dietician is not saying that, then probably there is something wrong. Cough syrup is one of the top five medicines that are sold in India and it’s quite popular. It’s sweetened and flavored, yet the true fact is that it is not good for you. Most of the dieticians say that cough syrups are suppressants and they do not work well. But, in case you are taking these cough syrups, then you need to be aware, in fact, you need to beware of certain things.

It’s bad for people with bronchitis:

The cough syrup contains suppressants that might cause sputum retention and this is very harmful to patients with bronchitis or bronchial asthma. Bronchitis usually increases during the rainy season and in case you are looking forward to this festive season remembers that the Raksha Bandhan Special Food: Healthy foods to eat on Rakhi for nutrition can help prevent an asthmatic attack.

It suppresses the cough:

Dextromethorphan is an Antitussives, which can block the body’s reaction to cough and in turn, it causes a lot of problems.

Makes you drowsy:

Cough syrup can make any person feel drowsy for some time. This is another reason why the best dietitian In Punjab says not to drink cough syrup if you are driving the car. No matter how bad the cough is, avoid the medication.

It’s addictive:

The best dietitian weight loss must have told that cough syrups need to be taken under medical supervision. This is because cough syrups are extremely addictive and might be harmful if one gets addicted to it.

It’s not for a diabetic:

It is a strict no-no for diabetics to indulge in Sweet delights for Rakshabandhan. Most of the cough syrups are sweetened and it’s really bad as the sugar levels can spike up for no reason, no matter how much the diet is controlled, the cough syrup can damage a lot.

So, these are the five things that one must take note of when taking cough syrups. It’s not that the cough syrup is harmful, but always consults a dietician when taking them and takes them under medical supervision.