weight Loss Clinic
Dietician Sheela Seharawat

As the weather outside turns chilly and people gearing up for the holidays, weight loss is the last thing that you might be thinking of. It is said that diet, depression, and daylight – all go hand in hand. It's easy to gain weight in winters then it is to lose. A few very simple, yet very valuable dietary tips, if followed diligently will not only help in cutting the bulge but also keep you warm and energized.

Tip#1. Stay hydrated at all times
Dehydration or feeling of thirst is often mistaken as hunger. It mainly happens more in winters as we believe that we do not need to drink water more often than in the summers. This pushes to eat more and unhealthy. So, keep drinking water and avoid getting dehydrated.

Tip#2. Get involved with indoor activities
If you don't feel like moving out in the cold, make sure you get yourself involved with indoor activities. You can climb the stairs, do aerobics, practice yoga, and a lot more within the comfort of your home.

Tip#3. Eat more whole
There is no need to go on a strict or restrictive diet or even starve you. Eat more whole, simple and healthy foods and avoid gorging on processed and sugary ones.

Tip#4. Get more proteins
Proteins are best in keeping you full for longer and thereby, not letting you load up with sugary and fattening stuff, especially in the winters. Along with protein aids in stabilizing our blood sugar levels, so that, we can lose weight.

Tip#5. Eat all that is fresh
Winters make us lazy and we get tempted to all the packages foods readily available in the market. Packaged foods not only make us unhealthy but also load us with sodium, sugar, and those preservatives – all of which can help in weight gain. During the winters the markets are full with fresh yields. Enjoy these seasonal goodies and make some healthy meals at home.