Losing weight can be difficult, but need not be impossible. If you are beating on yourself for the extra load that you may have put on and trying hard, but still not able to lose! You may be doing all wrong.
Unfortunately, there are quite a few mistakes that most of us make, which either affect or do not let us lose. Here are some common weight-loss mistakes for you to know that we make so that yu can avoid them and successfully lose weight:

1. Stop measuring on the scale every day: Our weight fluctuates many times during a single day. Stop measuring now and then. Do it once a week and you will be happier.

2. One diet does not fit all: What may work for your friend may not work well for you. Get a personalized diet plan tailor-made for you suiting your needs and your lifestyle.

3. Turn to salads and all that is fresh and green: Salads and other leafy green veggies should be a must in your daily diet. Your body may need more than only salads to lose weight and function optimally, but it is a good way to provide it with all the vital vitamins and minerals.

4. Never skip meals: One biggest problem with most of us is that we believe that if we skip meals we will turn lean. Starving is one of the biggest weight loss mistakes that you can ever make.

5. Do not restrict yourself to foods: Cutting down foods or not eating any particular food group is dangerous as it may lead you to overeat and never lose weight.

6. Drink more water and get good sleep: Water is an essential commodity in weight loss and sleeps aids cellular regeneration and maintains a physiological equilibrium. Both are critical for weight loss.

Weight loss need not have to be a frustrating affair. Avoid making these common mistakes and you will dramatic improvements in your weight loss efforts.