Quarantine Diet
Dietician Sheela Seharawat
Quarantine Diet

We all are facing the craziest times of our lives, amongst this COVID-19 pandemic. We can say that we all are sailing on the same boat!!! 

Isn’t it...

We are stuck at home by the lockdown and the wait has been further increased. We are cooking a lot more at home as the restaurants and eateries are closed, and it is the only option we have as of now.

This has to lead to another rush – stocking up on non-perishables at home. But, do you know that this decision of yours could turn out to be unhealthier than you might think of.

During such times as now, it is more than important that we make use of the best ingredients available – FRESH, NUTRIENT DENSE, ORGANIC and FREE OF TOXINS  and this includes small yet important ingredients like SALT, HERBS, and SPICES

Off lately, you must have seen on your TV sets and, even scientific studies also confirm that there are MICROPLASTICS, even in the salt that we use to flavor our dishes. 

It hardly matters whether you are using the so-called 'ORGANIC' or SEA or KOSHER salt. Studies conducted on more than 128 known salt brands have tested positive. 

Now, what could be worse… as these small bits of plastics in foods are so small that they can travel freely within our bloodstream and finally into our cells, organs and the nymph.

And, even scaring is the fact that these minute pieces of plastics can absorb contaminants like pesticides, metals like cadmium and lead, food additives and other contaminants doing more damage.

So, we can say that these contaminants in simple foods we eat pose a great danger to our immunity acting as Trojan Horses. They invade our cells, organs and the body on the whole and threaten our immunity and thereby our health and wellness. 

And, the body’s IMMUNITY is the greatest defense that we strongly need during this period of quarantine and the pandemic. 

So, what should we all do in such a situation?

Well!! The simplest thing to do at this hour is to get all that we eat tested and TEST YOUR SALT TESTED…TODAY!

Now, as you cannot go out, do this simple test at home right now:




What you need:

- 1/2 cup very warm (not boiling) water

- 2 tablespoons of the salt you're testing

- A clean filter paper (coffee filter)

- Clear container for dissolving, preferably glass

- Coffee cup or bowl to hold filter paper


Here's what to do:

1. Heat the water to boiling then let it cool for a few minutes.

2. Dissolve the salt completely in the very warm water. The solution should be clear and colorless.

3. Place your white filter paper in a coffee cup or bowl so that you can pour the very warm solution through the filter without losing it or burning yourself.

4. Carefully and slowly pour the solution through the filter paper.

5. Allow the filter to dry a bit.

6. Look for microplastics under bright light.



Salt crystals usually form around a microscopic dust particle so it's likely you'll see this dust in the filter. That is normal. But, what isn't normal are the specks of white or colored plastics. You can use your phone to take a picture of the filter and then zoom in to see well.


We do not mean to fright or freak you out here. But it is very serious and also important that you seriously watch what you put inside you. And, salt is something that we all use in cooking.