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Dietician Sheela Seharawat

While on vacation, it is quite easy to fall out on your fitness and healthy eating regime. Taking up regular workouts every time and eating all that is healthy seems almost an impossible task. However, you also do not want to return from your vacation with those packs of extra load on your body and lose all the healthy living momentum that you have achieved. Know here how.

1. Never miss a chance to walk: if you get the chance to walk somewhere, do so. Shopping in the local market can be great fun along with being a great form of exercise.

2. Take advantage of the hotel gym: Mostly all hotels have a gym. Take advantage of the same. After that, you will feel better over the lavish breakfast spread. Vacation does pamper you to let loose, but it should never negate you from being fit and healthy.

3. Keep an eye on what you eat: It is OK to splurge a bit here and there as you don't want to feel deprived while on a vacation. But do not make it an opportunity to make it a big binge-fest. Choose foods with lower fats, carbs, and oil.

4. Make use of the pool: Pools are a great way to enjoy a good time with family and kids and also a challenging form of workout. Make use of it often.

5. Don’t let yourself loose on booze: Dinking is a favorite activity while on a vacation. But, make sure that it does not happen every night. Choose your evenings.

6. Learn the art of saying “NO”: while on a vacation, it is harder to stay on track. Don’t get tempted with unhealthy meal options and all those in the savory. If you are with friends and relatives, stand up and say no to unhealthy stuff.

A vacation does not have to come in between you and your healthy habits. You can always fit in exercise when you are away from your home. Just plan yourself, follow these useful tips, and stay fit whilst on your vacation.