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Dietician Sheela Seharawat
How Tabata workouts can keep you fit

“Honey, I’ve shrunk my waist size” is no more a lofty dream. Tabata, named after its inventor, is a fool-proof fitness regime that would burn up to whopping 250 calories in one single session. Originally, it was discovered in the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan by a team of researchers headed by Dr. Izumi Tabata and formulated for Olympic athletes to win medals. However, the countless benefits have established its worth among fitness fanatics from various corners of the world.
The good news is plenty. However, the bad news is that – you need tremendous stamina to push through Tabata joint-jarring plyometric. So if you are ready to challenge yourself and have strong determination to keep yourself fit, this high intensity workout is bound to keep you healthy and trimmed.

In depth clinically proven formula of Tabata fitness delivers many health benefits.


  • Long duration of cardio digs a hole in your hard earned muscle tissue. Tabata workouts have several exercising options that maximize the muscle mass and thereby increases the muscle tissue.
  • Tabata workouts miraculously heighten the rate of metabolism within a fraction of second.
  • Time saving high intensity interval training (HIIT) of Tabata burns fat within the first round and keeps burning calories even hours later, after the workout is over.
  • This 4-minute rigorous exercise of Tabata is equivalent to two hours of walking, one hour of jogging, one hour of yoga, two hours of Zumba and one hour of bicycling.
  • Studies have proved that Tabata has roughly increased 14% of aerobic and 28% anaerobic of body’s capacity. As a result, it has immensely improved the body’s stamina, resistance and level of energy.


If you are tired of trying out all kinds of workouts and diet plans but all in vain; then this 14 calorie per minute burning strategy of Tabata workout can work wonders for your body. Initially follow moderate intensity five days a week plan and gradually accelerate it to high-intensity workout for four days a week for six weeks for a good result. Single workout should be for duration of four minutes only with 20 seconds of intense workout, then 10 seconds of rest and repeat for seven more rounds.