There are numerous ways, by which you can achieve weight loss but most of us try and avoid from any challenge of such sort due to many reasons. One of the biggest reasons for not accepting weight loss challenges or any targeted weight loss options are the convenient methods which are provided in regular lifestyles.

You must have tried everything in the past trying to lose the weight and you also succeed for a while but slowly, once again it crept back on. It’san ongoing war that you have constantly lost every time you have tried. Sure you might have won the odd battle for some time using diet pills, supplements, and crazy diet schemes at times but the war is still being won by the weight. If you are ready to win the war you will need to accept a new challenge, one that has proven plan that wins time and again weight gain – The 21 Days Weight Loss Challenge.


If you are tired of all your failures and want something with proven success then it time to step up and take the right action with the 21 Days Weight Loss Challenge that has been scientifically curated by exert and acclaimed dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic,  also regarded as the best dietician in India for weight loss.

This challenge will not only help you win the war against the weight loss roller coaster but will also win you a better, happier, healthier and longer life. If you are ready to step up and ready to accept the challenge to win your fight against your weight, it’s time to take action now as the challenge starts 21st Nov, 2020.

So, how do you actually prepare yourself to take a 21 Days Weight Loss Challenge and become healthy?


Weight loss has become an obsession with people and diets a part of the fad. But the need of the hour is not to become obsessed by weight loss but make healthy eating and fitness a habit. Fitness levels vary as per the capacity of the body. Dieting is also controllable but most people fail in these two options because obsession is short term and a habit is for a life time.

It is essential to we make healthy diets and exercises a part of your everyday routine to achieve the weight loss challenge. Focusing on both these aspects needs to be combined as they both complement each other. Without dieting, here meaning selective foods to achieve results, there are no chances of fruitful weight loss results with exercise alone and vice versa. The reason for the same is that our body needs to burn more calories to lose weight and if eat more than what we our body is able to burn then there is no way we can lose weight. Also at the same time if we are eating restricted and healthy food but at the same time not burning out the same through physical activities, then there are also no weight loss possible.Exercising should be converted into a hobby and enjoyed rather than finding it a boring experience.

Our brain is very sensitive and sharp and any regular pattern of activities is easily registered by the brain. Hence it is essential that the exercises patterns be changed regularly so that the body does not get used to any fixed patterns. The same is with the food that we eat. It always takes a disciplined combination of sensible and healthy balanced diet, coupled with a regular exercise programme. It is the mental commitment to do what you know and you must, is perhaps the most difficult hurdle to cross.

You have to register yourself and follow the advice given by Diet Clinic experts. You can also avail free diet consultation (not mandatory) if you need a customized diet plan. After 21 days of the Weight Loss Challenge program you need to be checked of your fitness and weight score. We are confident that, if followed correctly, you will end up losing a wholesome amount of weight in just 21 days and look a transformed you.