Dietician Sheela Seharawat
Ways to lose weight in winters

Weight Loss can be hard in winters, but now you can now lose weight in the winters. Try out some tested ways, to do so. However, you also need to note the challenges involved. Most of you tend to become more sluggish in winters, due to the chill. Set your weight loss goals today. If you pair the right diet, with the right exercise regime, then you can pave the way for a flat belly.

It has been recently seen that cold temperatures can help you to burn more calories. So, check out the best ways to do so.

Ways To Reduce Weight

      You can try new activities in winter. And that helps you burn more calories. Thus, cold days are something, you should not fear. Start waking up early in the morning, and go for a run. This is the first thing, that you can engage in. Moreover, you ought to skip the elevator, and head for the stairs.

Weight Loss

    is easy, but only if you plan it properly. You can also incorporate activities like yoga. Practicing it in the sun, can help the body make Vitamin D as well. It is good for the bones. If you save yourself from getting tanned, you can also workout inside the house.
  • Try eating more fibers. It is very important to eat well. Cut back on sugars, and processed foods. They tend to make the digestive system more sluggish. Your metabolism also tends to slow down. The right winter diet is essential to your well-being. Stock up on fibrous foods this winter. They take more time to break down. Thus, giving the feeling of fullness.  Vegetables are a good source of fibers. Kale and Spinach are readily available in all the kitchens. Have them aplenty. These are Winter Diet Tips that you should not miss.

Winter Diet Plan for Weight Loss

You will read a detailed diet plan for the winters today. Dietician Sheela Seharawat suggests foods that are full of fibers, and proteinaceous as well. You should include more pulses and legumes in your diet for the winter months. They add muscle. Add them to stews and salads. Spice up bland meals with a dash of lemon. That brings us to another wonderful diet additive, Vitamin C.

You should also have lots of fruits in winter. They have Vitamins. Grapefruits, oranges, and limes are great for your winter diet. These also tend to slow down the ageing process. Thus, keeping you happier on your weight loss journey. Eat chicken with peanuts salad. It will provide your body with much-needed proteins, apart from good fats. You will feel fuller for longer and will also be able to get all the good fats.