What is better for weight loss diet or exercise? It is a common question, and the answer is quite easy to discover. If you consume one gulab jamun, it holds 150 calories. Do you know how long it takes to work it off? Half an hour to 45 minutes of very brisk walking says the Best Dietitian In India. Then we can equally say not consuming empty calories is same as working out two hours a day regarding calories. Thus it is diet and not exercise which is essential to losing weight.
Being overweight is becoming more common and cause for concern. Losing weight is not easy, but it is not as difficult as it is made out to be. It is true that you would need to diet, exercise and be motivated, but they are not the only ingredients to succeed. We want to give tips to those people who need to lose weight healthily and definitively through diet alone.

Do not consume empty calories.
Foods that contain empty calories are those that provide energy but not nutrients. That is to say, although we take them, they do not substitute the necessary foods for their nutritional content. The clearest example is alcoholic beverages, which provide 7 kcal per gram of alcohol, but not vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, etc. Unhealthy drinks are entirely dispensable and high in calories. To learn how to lose weight fast without exercise strip your diet of all such unhealthy foods.

Read label about nutrition.
Knowing what we buy is essential not to be fooled by the products at first sight. That's why I invite you to familiarize yourself with the details. When you start for the first time, you may not be able to draw many conclusions, but you will experience many surprises. When comparing with different products, learn to distinguish quality products from highly processed products. Try to choose foods with the shortest list of ingredients, without sugar or hydrogenated fats.

Lose weight in a realistic time period.
Everyone is interested in a quick weight loss diet plan. Losing twenty kilos in two months is not a realistic goal. We recommend that you consider diet as a process by which you healthily change your eating habits. You will see how your weight goal is achieved as a result of your work for a healthy lifestyle.

Be in control of sweeteners.
We should not be afraid of sweeteners. Although these substances are safe for consumption, they have a negative impact. On the one hand in our palate the formation and the aromas. When we get used to eating sweet foods, we will not like natural foods, and we will always look for the perfect place. On the other hand, we examined the effects of sweeteners on our intestinal flora and found that they can hinder the tendency to overweight.

Always take probiotics.
Probiotics are live microorganisms that help our gut work properly and have a healthy intestinal flora. Depending on the type of bacteria that is present in our microbiota, we are more likely to increase it. Probiotics that contain food are fermented foods such as yogurt, cheese or sauerkraut. We can also take them directly by buying at the pharmacy. We must not forget to feed these bacteria. How? Take probiotics that are, fiber in vegetables and whole foods.

Cook using very little oil.
It is true that olive oil is very healthy and delicious and is one of the foundations of the Mediterranean diet, but ... we have spent a lot! For a balanced diet, it is recommended to consume about 5 tablespoons of olive oil daily to divide between the kitchen and the vinaigrette. In a diet to lose weight, which therefore contributes to fewer calories, we should reduce from 2 to 3 tablespoons per day. It means cooking gently with little fat and not letting the oil run during the season.

Buy fresh food not canned.
One of the best ways to change your habits is to buy different foods than you usually buy. We recommend eating local foods, unpacked, natural, fresh, loose, seasonal. How can you do that? Buy meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and bread at the local produce market. Leave the supermarket for cleaning products and personal hygiene.

Take care to make what you eat look appetizing.
Cook the foods that you like and put them "beautiful." The food must come to view, and you have to enjoy it. Dieting does not mean that you always eat the same thing, neither boring nor without taste or easy. Spend a little time preparing food, preparing food that makes you happy, and place the food on the plate with grace to make it more pleasant and satisfying when you eat it.

Create a menu before the week begins.
What do we eat today? What will we eat tomorrow? Oh, I do not know ... we'll improvise something. Check what is in the fridge, and if there is nothing, we can buy something ready or order sushi or maybe a pizza. If these phrases or similar phrases are repeated every week in your home, you must program a menu. Keeping a list in the fridge, even if it is a suggestion, helps a lot since it facilitates the daily life of the heads of the family. This helps you not to think about cooking and what you buy each day because the work is already done. It is very important to plan and organize your diet and your good eating habits. It is not necessary to prepare all the meals of the day weekly, but with lunches and dinner.

Very simple strategies will allow you to shed your weight without having to resort to exercise or at least lots of exercise. Diet is crucial to successful weight loss and the most necessary precondition is will power in plenty. So take a deep breath, plan and dive in.