Holi Recipes

Healthy Twist to All Time Favorite Holi Recipes

Healthy Twist to All Time Favorite Holi Recipes

We all love this festival of Holi, not only because of its bevy of colours but also for the mouth-watering delicacies unique to this festival. So, while you prepare yourself to enjoy this festival with gulaal, water guns, endless singing and dancing- take a note of these healthy and hearty Holi recipes from Diet Clinic to make the festival even more special and of course healthy.

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    Detox Diet Tips

    Detox tips after Holi

    Detox tips after Holi

    Though celebrating holi could be all colours, fun, frolic and lots and lots of gujjiyas, thandai and other delicacies, the aftermath could be very unpleasant at times. The actual truth is the annoying colours of holi and all the overindulgence in sweets and other delicacies that can create havoc not only on your stomach but also on your skin and hairs.

    Now that you have had all the fun splashing colours and gorging on sweets and savou

    Detox Diet After Holi

    How to complete Detox your body After Holi

    How to complete Detox your body-After Holi

    Now that you had all the fun splashing colour at each other and relishing all the sweets and savouries of Holi, it’s time that Diet Clinic recommends you to get rid of all that you have stuffed yourself with during the festivities through a detox program from us. We understand that it is not only the internal systems that have been overloaded but the harsh colours and chemicals in them have impounded its effects on yo


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